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Basement Construction Contractors

When you need — or just want — more space, one of the most economical ways to get it is with basement finishing. That’s because your basement already has four walls and a foundation, unlike a home addition, which would require building from scratch.

Additionally, all the utilities you will need are right there — electricity, water, gas, etc. If you opt to finish your attic or raise the roof instead, these utilities will have to be brought into the space.

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Custom Basements

Is your basement unfinished? If so, you aren’t using your property to its fullest potential. Your basement is a valuable part of your real estate, and you want to take advantage of every square inch. Builder Brothers basement finishing contractors provides services to clients in South Jordan, Saratoga Springs and the surrounding areas.

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How Do You Want to Use Your Space?

As premier basement construction contractors serving South Jordan and Saratoga Springs, we have finished many basements to suit the requirements of our clients. Some of our projects include:

  • In-law apartments: We can install a full kitchenette and bathroom in your basement — perfect for parties, company or as living quarters for in-laws or post grads. 

  • Rec rooms: Have you always dreamed of a space where you can watch the big game with the guys on a large-screen TV? Or how about a pool table and a wet bar? Whatever your dreams are for your rec room, we can make them come true. 

  • Playroom: Wouldn’t it be great to send the kids downstairs to play so you could get some peace and quiet? We can finish your basement with built-in shelves for toys, thick carpet to cushion falls and even a playhouse with a slide!

Basement Remodeling Services

Maybe your South Jordan or Saratoga Springs basement is finished, but not to your liking. Maybe it has old paneling, it was done cheaply or it’s always too cold. As a professional basement remodeling company, we do the job right, complete with insulation and ductwork for heat and A/C.

We do amazing basement remodeling work — picture a real stone fireplace, contemporary accent wall with sconces, granite countertops and mosaic tile backsplashes for the kitchenette, and a full bathroom complete with subway tile in the shower stall.

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New Build Basement Construction

Utah is a state with a lot of open space, and developers are putting up new homes left and right. Whether you’re a homeowner building your own home or a developer putting up many new homes, we’re the basement finishing contractors you want on your team.

We have years of experience, we work quickly and we provide stunning results for your new build basement construction.

Best Basement Remodeling Contractors

There is no doubt a beautifully finished basement adds thousands to your home value, but what’s even more important is that you are able to enjoy your home while you are living in it. Don’t wait another minute for basement remodeling or basement finishing — call Builder Boys today.

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