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Why Homeowners Want Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms tend to need remodeling more often than other rooms in your home. One reason for this is the amount of use they get, but another is because they are inherently moist. A good exhaust fan in your bathroom should help, but mold, mildew and hard water will still damage your bathroom over time. Caulking will split and peel, stains will become hard to remove on shower doors and faucets.

Additionally, bathroom styles change over time, and a 10- or 20-year-old bathroom looks outdated. Dark, busy spaces with froufrou shower curtains and pink or green tile have been replaced by a minimalist look: frameless shower doors, flat mirrors and clean countertops. Less is more.

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Custom Bathrooms

Your bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your home. For that reason, you want it to be more than functional — you want it to be your own personal retreat where you can get away from it all and take a long, hot shower or a luxurious bubble bath. Builder Boys can make it happen for you. We are the leading bathroom remodeling company for the South Jordan and Saratoga Springs area, and we can transform your space into an oasis.

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Changing Your Bathroom’s Footprint

Many South Jordan and Saratoga Springs homeowners become dissatisfied with their bathrooms because they are so messy and there is no room for anything. As top-level bathroom remodeling contractors, we can move walls and make your bathroom larger.

Keep in mind that often means stealing space from another room. And if the plan involves moving the sink, tub or toilet, that is an added expense. When we sit down with you to talk about your priorities, we can show you ways we can build you a custom bathroom with lots of storage space and save you money at the same time.

Your New Custom Bathroom

What is exciting about hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor to build you a custom bathroom is that you get exactly what you want. Do you want a freestanding, walk-in shower? How about a deep clawfoot tub to help you soak away your cares after a long day at work, or a whirlpool tub to soothe aching muscles? Are you thinking bright white subway tile, pale gray ceramic tile, or marble, mosaic or limestone? You can choose whatever you like.

When you’re ready to move forward with your bathroom remodeling project, give Builder Boys a call. We have many years of experience as bathroom remodeling contractors in the South Jordan and Saratoga Springs areas, and we can show you pictures of our work as well as create images for you of how your new bathroom will look. Call today to make an appointment for a consultation.

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